Build Your OnDemand Team

Import or invite your trusted freelancers with one click

Get your entire freelance network in one place

Build your OnDemand team in Coworks and you will always have access to an updated directory of the freelancers you know and work with. Share it across your organization and benefit from synergies, not only with your colleagues but with all business units as well.

Enjoy the Best Freelancer Profiles

In-depth freelancer profiles help you make a quick match

Comprehensive data about your freelancers is a strategic asset

The Coworks freelancer profile combines the best of all profiles in the industry. Not only do you get traditional contact data, portfolios, resumes and social network profiles, you can also add your own tags, job reviews and comments. It helps you and your colleagues find the best talent for each job.

Access Your OnDemand Team

Overview and advanced search saves you time


Everyone in one place

Your OnDemand team is easily accessible for everyone in your company. Advanced search tools let you sort and find talent. You can easily create and distribute jobs to one or several freelancers with a click of a button. Create and tag your own groups and preferred freelancers.

Enterprise Tools

Use Coworks for the full job cycle

Efficiency and compliance guaranteed

Use Coworks for the full job cycle. Create jobs, get proposals, make hires, get invoices and make payments. Collaborate across your organization with IT, marketing, HR and accounting all take part on the jobs. All payments are followed up with the possibility to review the freelancer.

Free Recruiting Included

Access to 10,000 designers and developers. We handpick for you for free!

Are you still building your team and need new talent out of your reach? We have you covered. The Coworks talent pool of 10,000 quality assured freelancers will be at your fingertips. Simply post a job and ask Coworks to staff it for you.

Our experts will handpick freelancers for you and present 3 candidates for you to choose from.

Understand Your Spend

Built-in spend data analytics

Long term profitability is highly dependent on data and transparency in spend

Running your OnDemand team in Coworks will help you understand and analyze your spend. Get to know the details of your costs, performance by freelancer and sourcing data by markets. It will help you manage your team and drive your talent acquisition efforts in the right direction.


Work With the Best Freelancers

  • Quick access to top talent

  • 15% reduction in labor cost

  • 100% enterprise compliance

Learn more about Pro or Enterprise Edition

Trusted by 2,000+ businesses in over 30 countries

“We made the move to Coworks from Upwork (formely Odesk and Elance) and are really happy about it. Not only is it much easier to use, our talent is much happier and there is less overhead. We also use the free recruiting service when we need new design talent.”

Olivier Chaine, CEO Magnify 360

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