Coworks is the easy online work platform for employers and freelancers. We provide a full range of business tools for both employers and freelancers. Employers use Coworks to attract, screen, hire and manage freelancers. Freelancers use Coworks to build their business with a minimum of administration and sales. Freelancers get curated job opportunities from Coworks recruiters.

We think you might be looking for new business or a nice set of tools to manage your existing clients. By joining Coworks you get handpicked job opportunities and the tools you need to run your business such; billing, online collaboration and global payments. It is free.

Alternatively, you have been invited by a client. Your client wants to procure your freelance services via Coworks. This is good news. Your portfolio and work will be visible for everyone on the client side to see. It will be easy for them to invite you to new jobs. Make sure to create a great looking profile.

As a freelancer you will receive handpicked job opportunities from Coworks recruiters. If you were invited to Coworks by a client, you will receive job opportunities from them as well.

In addition you get a number of tools to run your freelance business: online profile with full support for customer acquisition, proposals, billing and payments. You can even invite your own clients if you want to streamline your administration. Your clients are kept confidential to you and it is free for you and your clients.

Joining Coworks is free and using all the tools is free. Working with your own clients and clients that have invited you is free.

If you accept a curated job proposal from a Coworks recruiter 12% is deducted from your invoice. You are obligated to manage the client in the Coworks platform. You are not allowed to bring clients appointed to you by a Coworks recruiter off the platform but you are free to work with them and pitch as they were your own. In fact you should do just that!

Employers (if you were invited) and Coworks recruiters match jobs with profiles and distribute job opportunities using the Coworks platform. You will get notified when there are projects suitable for you. If you have an interest in the project at hand your response will be automatically converted into a proposal. You will negotiate the scope of the project, price and conditions with the final buyer.

You should accept the invitation. Your client has decided to use Coworks to build a network of freelancers and streamline the freelance sourcing. By accepting the invitation and creating a good looking profile you will be visible to all individuals on the buyer side.

Curated project proposals are sent out using Coworks notifications and emails. You are able to decide what kind of proposals you want and if you want to be able to refer proposals to friends if you are busy. In order to get project proposals you need to have a complete profile.

A great start is a great looking profile. It will take you a few minutes. Having done that you can start receiving project proposals or market your Coworks profile online.

Yes, it is. You can still benefit from Coworks in many ways. Use it for managing clients, billing and payments. Use the strength of your network to refer business and generate a nice additional income. The average referral fee on Coworks is $1,500

You invoice using the Coworks platform. It is very straightforward. We get your legal data on file and add it to each invoice. You cannot invoice a client/project if you haven’t created a contract on Coworks.

Although invoicing is made on Coworks you retain the legal and commercial relationship with the client. Coworks is only a facilitator. Invoices carry your name. You need to be incorporated or have independent contractor status. Only exception is if you are invited by a client.

Clients pay using 10,20 or 30 days net. We process payments daily and pay out your funds each Friday after having received payment from the client.

All invoices created in the Coworks system carry a unique prefix, which makes it easy to include it in your accounting. No changes needed.

Yes, by doing so they will get a free plan. You will be automatically added to their team.

Yes, each job opportunity has a referral opportunity. The average referral fee on Coworks is $1,500

Working with freelancers help you stay relevant and profitable.

Coworks is the most easy to use solution for finding, hiring and managing top freelancers. If you happen to switch from a similar platform (less intuitive and more expensive) you will make significant savings.

You get a comprehensive freelance management system including the following modules:

Attract and engage
Screen and hire
Collaborate and pay

You also get free access to Coworks recruiters.

The benefits are significant time savings and staffing costs reduced by 15%.

We have a free plan that is ideal for a small team. You can do almost everything. Even access to Coworks recruiters is free. If you run a larger company it could make sense for you to look at a paid plan.

As a foundation to your freelance talent acquisition you should Coworks’ tools to attract freelancers using social media, email and personal networks, including your employees. You will be surprised to see the size of your network if you do this properly.

In addition you can always to turn to Coworks recruiters when you need help finding talent. It is free.

Yes, it is. Import your team by email or invites. In a minute they will have a profile up and be ready to go on your next project.

Yes, it is. We’ll help you you find top talent for free. Coworks recruiters will handpick candidates for your project. Coworks recruiters pick from a database of 12,000 freelancers but will go beyond that whenever needed. Your job posts are treated confidentially.

You need to create a job post and assign the job to a freelancer in your team, or ask Coworks to provide freelancers. Next you need to define the scope of the project and set up a contract. Once the contract is agreed by both parties you are done. The freelancer will invoice you through the platform. You pay using the Coworks safe payment system. Coworks takes care of of payouts and administration.

Your freelancers will receive an email and sign up using a link that is unique for you. When your freelancers have signed up you will see their profiles on the Team tab in the Coworks application. Your network is confidential to you.

It is true, Coworks has a great pool of vetted talent. This is where our recruiters go when you need help. However, we do not make the full pool available to clients. Instead we deliver as many candidates as you need to fill a position. We want to be sure to curate the experience for everyone.

Although invoicing is made on Coworks you retain the legal and commercial relationship with the freelancer. Coworks is only a facilitator. Invoices carry the freelancer’s name. Your freelancers need to be incorporated or carry independent contractor status.

If you chose to work with a freelancer provided by Coworks recruiters you are obligated to use the Coworks platform. It is still free.

Payment terms are decided with each freelancer. You can pay in advance or upon delivery. You can chose to pay using 10,20 or 30 days net. Payments are done to Coworks. You can pay with credit card or by invoice. Coworks processes payments daily and pay out funds to freelancers each Friday after having received payment from buyers.

Yes. All invoices created in the Coworks system carry a unique prefix, which makes it easy to include it in your accounting. No changes needed.