abstract-balls-blue-1341-228x138Coworks is one of the top specialized platforms to find great creative talent, says Andrew Karpie via Spend Matters,.

According to Andrew, a specialized platform for creatives is valuable because:


  1. Specialization may allow for better curation and support, and thus higher quality, of workers. A number of specialist platforms provide optional training in specialized areas or support professional networking for the worker population.
  2. Specialization supports segmentation of talent into distinct pools that can support different kinds of demand. It may also provide the basis for true supplier networks, where specialized platforms become suppliers in an emerging, digitally connected ecosystem for work and services.

Coworks is the Freelance Management System for the Creative Industry. It allows creative leaders to find top talent for their projects as well as manage their current freelancers letting them focus on what they do best, create great stuff. Coworks is used by companies like Starcom, Magnify360, BBH and Monterosa.

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