Read About How Freelancers Have and Will Impact the Creative Industry

The Real Benefits of Working with Freelancers And Why You Need A Freelance Management System

Development, How-To, Productivity Hacks

When we talk about why it’s advantageous for agencies to work with freelancers, we default to cost and internal bandwidth issues as […]

Tips From The Pros: Writing Amazing Project Briefs

Entrepreneurship, How-To, Productivity Hacks

Every great creative project starts with a well thought out brief. It’s your cornerstone; your bedrock and most importantly if you […]

How NOT To Manage Your (OnDemand) Freelancers

How-To, Productivity Hacks, Remote Work

Unfortunately, hiring a talented handpicked freelancer doesn’t mean your needs will automatically be met. There are certain actions […]

Successfully Onboarding a New Freelancer: Four Questions to Answer

Productivity Hacks, Remote Work

Great – you found the perfect freelancer to contribute to your next big project. This rockstar talent has agreed to your terms and is […]

Gain a Competitive Edge by Hiring the Right Freelancer. But How?

Entrepreneurship, Productivity Hacks, Remote Work

Is it good news that more than ⅓ of adults classify themselves as freelancers? If you are a creative agency seeking quality freelance […]

Why 50% of the agency staff will be freelancers

Productivity Hacks, Remote Work

Why are ⅓ of Americans now classified as Independent Workers? And why are hand-selected, quality freelancers proving to be so valuable […]

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